Board of Directors

South Dakota State USBC Association Board of Directors



Marty Barington, president, Mitchell. During his more than 30 years of bowling, he has served on Mitchell's youth board for 12 years and held all league offices. As a member of the South Dakota Men's Bowling Association board, he served as director, vice president and president. He was a member of the state transition "committee" and since the merger in 2007 has served on the SD State USBC Association board as director, vice president and current president.  He is an inductee to the SD State USBC Hall of Fame.



Jan Putnam, association manager, Yankton. A bowler since 1984, Jan has served as Yankton USBC Association Manager since 2005 and is secretary-treasurer of a mixed league since 1989. She is a member of the SD State USBC Hall of Fame.




Carol Rettkowski-Gregg, 1st vice president, Brookings. Active in bowling for more than 30 years, Carol served as president of the Brookings Association and was instrumental in its transition to the Brookings USBC Association. She also was District 2 director with the SD Women’s Bowling Association.  Carol is a member of the Brookings Hall of Fame and SD USBC Hall of Fame.



Charles Turner, 2nd vice president, Yankton. Chuck’s 42-year bowling career includes his current role as president of the Yankton USBC Association.  He is an inductee into the SD State USBC Hall of Fame.




Kristy Jones, District 1 director, Rapid City. Kristy, a 25-year bowler, is manager of the Rapid City Youth Committee and has served on the Rapid City board of directors and was YABA board secretary-treasurer. She is a youth coach and past Tournamnent Manager of the SD State Pepsi Tournament.  Kristy is currently Assoication Manager for Rapid City USBC and Tournament Manager for the SD State Women's Tournament. Kristy is a member of the Rapid City Hall of Fame and SD State USBC Hall of Fame.



William Ficken, District 1 director, Rapid City. A member of the Rapid City Bowling Association and USBC for 34 years, William serves on the Rapid City Board of Directors with Hall of Fame and youth roles. He is a member of the Rapid City USBC Hall of Fame.



Chris Henrichsen, District 2 director, Pierre.  Chris has been bowling for 30 years and is coach of the Pierre Traveling Team.  He is youth representative on the Pierre USBC board.  He is a member of the Pierre USBC Hall of Fame.



Rip Ray, District 2 director, Pierre.  Rip has been bowling since age 11.  He is a certified Level 1 coach and instructs youth leagues and the Pierre Travel Team.  He is a member of the Pierre USBC Board of Directors. He is a member of the Pierre USBC Hall of Fame.




Steve Shutt, District 3 director, Yankton. Steve's 48 years in bowling include serving as past president of the Yankton Bowling Association and supporting its youth program before moving to Spearfish where he was a member of the Northern Hills Association and a District 1 director on the SD State USBC board. He recently made a job-related move back to Yankton.



William Kluckman, District 3 director, Sioux Falls. William is past president of the Sioux Falls USBC Regional Association after serving a term as director.  He has been bowling for 47 years and was president, vice president and treasurer in two different leagues. He has been a delegate to the American Bowling Congress and USBC national convention for many years.  He is a member of the Sioux Falls Regional USBC Hall of Fame.


Vern Meyers, District 4 director, Aberdeen. A bowler for 13 years, he is secretary of an adult scratch league and helps with the Aberdeen youth program. Vern assisted in the merger of the Aberdeen BA and WBA.




Scott Struss, District 4 director, Watertown. Bowling since he was 8, Scott is a Level 1 coach and was instrumental in sanctioning the youth leagues. He is also assisting in the merger of Watertown adult and youth leagues. He is a past president of the men’s association and is the current manager of the Watertown USBC Association.



Sarah Brustdirector at large, Aberdeen. Sarah started bowling at age 7 in the Huron association and was on the ESD travel team. After high school graduation, she moved to Aberdeen where she has been a member of the bowling association for 18 years. Sarah served on the Aberdeen Women's  board for 8 years and is now a member of the merged Aberdeen USBC board of directors. She has held various league officer positions throughout the years.



Dennis Tomhave, director at large, Vermillion.  During his 54-year bowling career, Dennis has served on various Vermillion Bowling Association offices.  He was Vermillion ABC secretary/treasurer for 15 years and the Vermillion USBC association manager for 5 years..  He was secretary/treasurer for up to four leagues over the past 33 years. He was the Brookings USBC association 2nd vice president for 3 years and is currently the Brookings USBC association president.  He is an inductee into the SD state USBC Hall of Fame.


George Martin, youth committee, Brandon. George has been bowling for more than 35 years and was involved with local and state associations as a director and officer for more than 20 years. He served as president of the SD Young American Bowling Alliance as well as the SD Bowling Council. He has been a youth coach for more than 30 years and was a member of Bowling Headquarters field staff for nine years.  He was inducted into the Greater Sioux Falls Association Hall of Fame. He is a SD State USBC Hall of Fame inductee and received the SD Youth Service award for Coach of the Year and Promoter of the Year.


Brandon Dooley, youth committee, Aberdeen. A bowler since he was six years old, he has been involved with all facets of the sport, bowling in junior league and the ESD Traveling League. Brandon is a bronze-level coach and operates a pro shop. He served on the Huron USBC board of directors for two years.




Ray Alan Donat, youth committee, Yankton. Ray serves on the Yankton USBC board and is league secretary and coach in the Yankton youth program. He was named Yankton's Coach of the Year in 2010.





Patty Fanter, youth chairperson, Rapid City. Patty has coached youth bowlers for more than 15 of her 20 years of bowling in South Dakota and North Dakota. She has served with the Rapid City and SD youth organizations and is a certified Level 1 and Bronze-level coach and member of the National Coach’s Association. She was a member of the Rapid City USBC Transition Board and SD USBC Transition Board.  She is manager for the SD State USBC Youth Tournament.  Patty is an inductee into the Rapid City Hall of Fame and received the SD Youth Service award for Coach of the Year.  She is an inductee into the SD State USBC Hall of Fame.