Youth Awards


2019 Youth Award


Star of Tomorrow
Marissa Kearin, Madison

Youth Ambassador
Brooklyn Gagnon, Sioux Falls
Reece Hartmann, Sioux Falls

Junior Youth Ambassador
Alexis Shea, Brandon
Michael Oakland, Sioux Falls

Coach of the Year
David Lowe, Rapid City

Promoter of the Year
Patty Fanter, Rapid City

Stephanie Baatz, Sioux Falls

Hall of Fame


2019 Hall of Fame

Superior Performance
Brandyn Crawford, Rapid City
Stacy Barta, Yankton
Jeremy Sonnenfeld, Sioux Falls
Larry Anderson, Aberdeen
Todd Kautz, Yankton

Superior Performance ~ Classic
Debi Stewart, Brookings

Pioneer Award
Frank Osborn Sr., Yankton

Bowling Family
McChesney, Lees, Slusser, Ross
Rapid City/Aberdeen




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to advise of Top Scores

2019 - 2020
Male Top Series
750 Series or better


Nate Hand, Rapid City  827
Matt Galbraith, Rapid City  799
Gary Scaggs, Rapid City  799
John Jacobs, Rapid City  784
Steve DuVall, Rapid City  769
Derek Patton, Rapid City  767
Terry McNamara, Rapid City  764


2019 - 2020
Female Top Series
600 Series or better


Sherri Bucholz, Rapid City  714
Deidre Ross, Rapid City  714
Brandyn Crawford, Rapid City  696
Shanda Rieker, Aberdeen  690
Heather Wilkinson, Aberdeen  690
Tawney King, Rapid City  678
Carol Goodrich, Rapid City  644
Patty Fanter, Rapid City  641
Stephanie Ayers, Rapid City  640
Kristy Jones, Rapid City  634
Nikki Hesse, Rapid City  624
Tammy Lees, Rapid City  615
Heidi Ayers, Rapid City  612
Liz King, Rapid City  609
Mary Allison, Rapid City  604


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